"Come and ROCK with us at a pub near you."

Carlton Bar
Carlton Corner
Sat Feb 11th
10:30pm - 2am

Carlton Bar
Carlton Corner
Fri Feb 24th
10pm - 1:30am

Carlton Bar
Carlton Corner
Fri Mar 3rd
10pm - 1:30am

Fox & Ferrt
Palms Shirley
Fri Mar 17th
9:30pm - 1am

Carlton Bar
Carlton Corner
Sat Mar 18th
10:30pm - 2am

Carlton Bar
Carlton Corner
Fri Mar 24th
10pm - 1:30am

Becks Southern Alehouse
Sat April 1st
9pm - 1am

Click on a question below to see the answer. If you have a question that isn't answered, feel free to send it through to us here.

How much does it cost to hire Ctrl-Alt-Rock?
The cost is dependent on a few factors, for example, the size of the venue, whether travel is required and the length of time the band is required to perform. If you would like a quote, feel free to contact us here.

Do you provide your own PA system?
Yes we do. We have a professional PA system suitable for just about any venue and a qualified sound engineer who knows how to use it.

How much time do you need to set up your gear and when will you set it up?
It can take from 30mins to 2hrs for us to have everything set up and ready to go depending on the event and size of setup. We will have our gear set up well before your event starts.

Can we use your sound system for speeches at our event?
We can provide at minimal cost a wireless mic and extra speaker specifically for you speeches, please ask.

How long will Ctrl-Alt-Rock play for?
A standard performance is four hours and we can work within your time frame.

How often and long do you take break for?
We usually try to take 10mins each hour but we often play 1.5hrs before a break. We will work around you.

Can we have music played during your breaks?
Absolutely. If you have some songs in mind that you would like played, simply let us know ahead of time.

Will you learn a new song specifically for our event?
We are more than willing to learn a song or two to help make your event just that much more special. In the event that we simply can not do the song justice, we can arrange for your song(s) to be played over the PA during our breaks.

Can we select the songs you do / do not play?
Yes. We will provide you with a list of all of the songs that we play and give you the opportunity to choose which songs you absolutely want played and veto any songs that aren't to your liking.

Does Ctrl-Alt-Rock use music sequencing or backup tracks for any songs?
No. All of our instruments and vocals are completely live.

Can we meet with you to discuss our event before hand?
Yes. We can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet with you and go over the finer details of your event.

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